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Doreen Puglisi

Photo of Doreen Puglisi, founder of the Pink Ribbon Program

Doreen Puglisi, M.S. is a former college professor and renowned international presenter. With a Master's Degree in Exercise Science, 24 years as a business owner, academic educator, and Pilates instructor, she provides a unique perspective on both theory and practice. Doreen transformed her professional—then personal—experience with cancer into a successful therapeutic exercise program for breast cancer survivors.

Cancer is hard. It beats you up. And I'm convinced that every woman who had surgery for breast cancer needs a post-operative rehabilitation plan. That's why I founded The Pink Ribbon Program.

The Pink Ribbon Program originated when Doreen began working with breast cancer survivors as an exercise physiologist and Pilates instructor. This recovery program was well underway when Doreen faced her own cancer diagnosis. She applied the Pink Ribbon protocol to her own recovery. Today the Pink Ribbon Program is a gentle, staged process that begins when the survivor is either six weeks post-operative or has received surgeon's approval to begin therapeutic exercise.

Some of Doreen's accomplishments: 2004 founded The Pink Ribbon Program; 2007 invited to speak at Memorial Regional Cancer Center, IN; 2008 invited to Australia to conducted a National Breast Cancer awareness campaign; 2010 presented at Balanced Body, Pilates on Tour conference, presented at Nike World Headquarters, guest speaker for Sirius Radio's Doctor Radio talk show, guest speaker at Oregon Health and Science University Breast Health Task Force; 2012 Global launch of Pink Ribbon Program (Italy, Spain, U.K.,).

Pink Ribbon Program Milestones

Recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association for Continuing Education Units

Educated/Trained over 8oo U.S. healthcare/wellness professionals. 2012 Global Launch - The Pink Ribbon Program can now be found in Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, Ireland and Hungary.

Partnership with GEPAC (the Spanish equivalent of the American Cancer Society)

Approved by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

Endorsed by Australia's National Breast Cancer Foundation

instructor trainers

Douglas Saunders
Instructor Trainer

Doug Saunders is a health and wellness expert with over 14 years of experience as a personal trainer, mentor and lecturer. Doug's extensive training and experience allow him to bring a unique perspective to the importance of post-operative/post-rehabilitation fitness.

After several years as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, a close friend's diagnosis with breast cancer inspired Doug to make a career shift and become more involved with those affected by this disease. In 2005, he became a Pink Ribbon Program Certified Master Trainer. Through this organization he assists women with breast cancer by teaching them the benefits of health and wellness both pre and post-surgery. He continues to be inspired by his clients and their focus and commitment on improving their quality of life through exercise. Doug has also continued to broaden his knowledge in osteoporosis management, injury prevention and post-rehabilitation exercise and has recently become a Faculty Member and Trainer with the Buff Bones Program.

Leveraging his degree in Communication and Human Relations, paired with multiple certifications in strength-based training methods, Doug has been extremely effective in showing industry professionals the critical interface between exercise, cancer and osteoporosis. Oncologists and other experts are drawn to his warmth, passion and thorough understanding of how medical and fitness professionals can support patients to thrive through the crisis of breast cancer or bone disease issues.

For Doug, his greatest reward is sharing his knowledge and making a positive difference for those who need it most.


  • Certified Master Trainer, Pink Ribbon Program
  • Trainer, Faculty Member, Buff Bones Program
  • Adjunct Professor, Health & Exercise Fitness curriculum
  • Pilates/Reformer Instruction and Certification
  • Personal Trainer